Newcastle University Mathematics Society

The MathSoc Committee

Each year, a new committee is elected to run MathSoc and organise all the events. This is the MathSoc committee for 2015-2016:


Rachel Wiseman

The President oversees everything that MathSoc does and makes sure everything is running smoothly. You can contact the President by emailing

Vice President

Emma Catherine Cox and Rachel Agyekum

Taking on many of the same responsibilities as the President, the VP assists Rachel in the running of the society


Sam Everall

The Secretary of MathSoc is in charge of arranging committee meetings and keeping taking minutes from every meeting. This keeps the committee members coordinated so they can do their jobs effectively.


Emily Sharp

It's Emily's job to make sure MathSoc finances are all in check. Keeping a close eye on how much money is left in the piggy bank is crucial for helping to subsidise the events we hold for you.

Social Secretaries

Rowan South and Victoria Kent

The Social Secretaries are in charge of organising the many social events that MathSoc holds and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Sponsorship Representative

Jack “Baeston” Aiston

Our sponsorship representative handles the sponsorship that MathSoc receives and keeps in touch with our sponsors, inviting them to our events and to hold talks that are useful to our members. You can read more about our sponsors who we are in contact with.

Publicity Officer

Tom Lowe

Tom is responsible for making sure the word gets out about MathSoc and its events. He makes stylish leaflets to advertise our society and distributes eye-catching posters to advertise the events.


Latest news: MathSoc will be supporting The People's Kitchen

Following a survey for students in the School of Maths and Stats and MathSoc, we will be supporting The People's Kitchen this year.

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There are no upcoming events.

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